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Die Finishing

Our business solution consists of a state of the art, fully integrated, real-time system that monitors and controls all aspects of our business. It makes a major difference in how we can provide world-class engineering and fabrication services to our customers.

Estimating & Quotation
Our Quoting and Estimating capabilities allow us to create professional and comprehensive quotations, determine realistic delivery dates based on material and resource availability, and turn quotes into sales orders.

We can create quotes quickly and easily by copying from an existing  quote, or an existing work order, then modifying the new quote to match your specifications. Our system computes a cost estimate that includes material, labor, burden, and outside services. When you award us with the contract, we can easily create both a sales order and a work order from the quote.
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Customer Order Entry
Our Order Entry system allows us to access complete sales order information instantly, while providing our customer service representatives with on-line support to enter and track customer orders. Our system is fully integrated from the point of customer quotes through customer order entry, engineering, production, costing, shipping, and customer service. This allows Customer-focused Teams to take action on your specific scheduling requirements, and release orders in a timely manner to meet required shipment dates. It also provides access to crucial data including general material and resource availability, order acknowledgments, percentage of completion, and shipping information.
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Process Engineering
Our Process Engineering system allows us to quickly and easily create engineering plans and/or bills of material, and use these to create quotations and/or work orders automatically.

Our system integrates seamlessly with material planning, purchasing, and scheduling to provide ultimate control over inventory, costs, and resources. Comprehensive tracking tools provide data from the highest level of summarization to the lowest level of detail for each individual transaction.
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Purchasing / Receiving
Our Purchasing system allows us to easily coordinate material purchases by providing on-line decision support that simplifies record keeping. It helps us maintain a constant flow of inventory to enhance cash flow and shorten delivery times.

Our Receiving system works hand-in-hand with our Purchasing system. Receipt of materials and services are recorded as well as automatic inventory issuance to specific areas of the shop floor, warehouse locations, or returns to our supplier.
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Inventory Control
Our Inventory system gives us control over our inventory by providing accurate and immediate access to inventory information about stock parts, materials or tooling. The system automatically tracks parts by adjusting inventory whenever we scan a partís bar-coded label.

Inventory items are designated as purchased, manufactured, stocked, and non-stocked so that we can immediately place purchase orders or issue parts to your specific work order as they are needed.
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Bar-code Labor Collection
Our Bar-code Labor Collection system provides accuracy and immediate real time access to labor information throughout the company. Using our bar-coded travelers gives us assurance that we are always working to the latest revision. Real-time labor hours are monitored to allow us to manage resources for optimum utilization.
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Quality Assurance
Our Corrective Action Reporting (CAR) system allows us to track disposition, root cause, and preventive actions of internal and external nonconformance's. Our comprehensive reporting features allows us to perform in-depth trend analysis to correct potential problems before they occur.
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Our Shipping module allows us to easily create invoices, packing slips, and certifications.
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Everything ties together in our fully integrated Financial system which includes :

  • Job Costing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger

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Shop Floor Control
Shop Floor Control is the result of the integration between all the features of our system including process engineering, purchasing, inventory control, labor collection, quality assurance , shipping, and costing. It provides complete and real-time control of our production process allowing us to monitor productivity while controlling costs.
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